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Stick Stand




Why and Where to use your STICK STAND 

Stick Stand is a perfect addition to many tools with long handles in the home, garden or on the job. 

It can be installed on a wide variety of tool handles and can be installed or  removed in seconds without tools.
Allows your brooms, rakes, mops and more to be stood in an upright position during use.

No more bending to pick up your tools off the ground.

Stick Stand can be used on a wide variety of tools:
•garden hoes
•paint rollers (with long handles)

Stick Stand is not recommended for use on certain tools including;
Tools with more weight near the top of the handle then at the base (top heavy) 
Tools with handle diameters greater than 1.25 inches
Tools requiring high impact forces such as ice picks, axes, certain shovels, etc. 

Accessory Extensions
The Accessory Extensions can be installed on any Stick Stand to add length to the Stick Stand support legs. This may be required for tools where a higher point of attachment is required including many leaf rakes and certain other tools.




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