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Who We Are

Think Mind Design is a small team of inventors and designers based out of Toronto and Uxbridge, Ontario.

We bring the "farm-to-table" style service and quality to all of our ideas. With capability of turning a hand-drawn thought, into a physical piece and then into a marketable, and sellable brand.

Our Team


James Deveau

CEO/Founder & Lead Designer

James is the CEO/Founder and lead inventor/designer. James has over 350+ inventions that he draws up by hand and then passes onto the team for further development.


David Gribble

Vice President & Lead Engineer

David helps bring James' ideas into a physical product through 3D prints and design moulds. David also runs the patent searches and creation of the patent applications.


Ivan Defreitas

Lead Graphic Design & A/V Artist

Ivan turns the brands into an eye catching package. He creates all packaging visuals and audio/visual aspects for the company, including social media.