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Who We Are

A bit about us...

We are a small team of designers and engineers from Toronto, Ontario. We specialize in our own design creation, patents, and we create all of the products & brands featured on the website. Along with offering other companies to allow us to create designs for them.



We have a very talented team, and are able to create a sellable product for you, or your company.

We can file patents in both Canada & The United States, along with trademarks. Create promotional, website, branding & packaging design. Along with producing molded printed products, packaged and ready for sale. We can help you create a product and provide you with all the means to sell it.

From thought to sale. Our team can do it all.


The Team


James Deveau

CEO & Founder, Design Creator


Andrew Galikeyev

Lead 3D Designer & Engineer


Ivan DeFreitas

Art Designer/Director & Patent Research


David Gribble

Designer/Engineer & Patent Research/Development